Who Is Mari Kruchkova?

Mari Kruchkova

Mari Kruchkova is 14, but her work and success are even more than her age. She is a cultural media star, YouTuber, and Gymnast at the Olympic Training Center. She is in the limelight due to her two successful Youtube channels and Gymnast.

Behind this is her work, Mari kruchkova, which set her beside others at an earlier age. Mari Kruchkova inspires and motivates everybody, from young to old.

She continues to aid her photos, selfies, and fitness videos on social media. Besides fitness, boys and girls of her age also know her because of her beauty. She is a student at Bolshoi Ballet Academy.

Physical Appearance 

Mari Kruchkova’s height is about 5 feet 5 inches, and weighs about 49 kg. Her body is quite flexible and strong due to her Gymnast training. Her smile is indeed sweet. It is very attractive and enhances her beauty. Her hair is brown, and her eyes are black.

Mari Kruchkova Age, Date of Birth & Birthplace

Mari Kruchkova is 14 years old in 2023. Mari kruchkova was born on May 8, 2007, in Moscow, Russia, and grew up there. Her mother’s name is Julia, and she can be a Fitness Lover. Her mother is as beautiful as her.

Boyfriend, Husband & Affairs

Mari Kruchkova’s relationship status is single, and she’s in her teenage years, which explains why Mari Kruchkova is focusing more on her study and future.

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Mari Kruchkova’s Career

She is a famous content creator, Gymnast, and Youtuber from Russia. She created her Self-TItle Youtube channel on February 7, 2019, on which Mari Kruchkova started publishing her workouts and fitness videos. After a few years, her videos started going viral, and her followers and subscribers grew rapidly.

She now has 336k subscribers on Instagram, and her YouTube channel is named Mari Kruchkova Sport & Live, which includes 60k subscribers in January 2022. Her other channel is Mari Kruchkova, and she has 165k subscribers on this channel. 

Mari Kruchkova is a famous content creator, Gymnast, and Youtuber from Russia. On February 7 2019, she launched her self-titled YouTube channel. Her first YouTube video was posted on February 10 2019, and the video was titled ‘Выходные на, море’where she showed her flexibility and workout.

Moreover, she started uploading her workout and fitness videos on her YouTube channel. Meanwhile, some of her YouTube videos went viral, and people were amazed by her work at a young age.

Certainly, one of her most viewed and popular videos is titled ‘Тренируюсь дома.’ where she shows her flexibility, Gymnast, and workout, which includes over 5 million views and more than 27k likes on it. As of December 2022, there are over 182k subscribers.

After she gained immense popularity from her YouTube channel, she launched her second YouTube channel’ Mari Kruchkova & Juli Sport & Live’along with her mother. The channel was created on April 21 2021. Currently, there are over 108k subscribers.

Social Media Handles

Below we have given you information regarding Mari Kruchkova’s social media marketing accounts, including Instagram, Facebook, TikTok & Snapchat, to check out her. More Information about Mari Kruchkova is on the wiki.


Mari Kruchkova’s estimated net worth is finished at $5 Million. Her primary source of income is YouTube. After that, she also makes money from sponsorships on her social media marketing accounts. She hasn’t revealed anything more about her source of income.

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