Smooth Talk: How Cloud Phone Systems Make Business Communication Easy

Cloud-Based Business Communications:

Integrating mobile communications with the latest communication solution has introduced Internet calling worldwide. Internet calling is the latest trend used not just for voice communication among most businesses but also for connecting residential users. In truth, there have been several attempts to modify this widely used marketing slogan. To convey more accurately, cloud phone systems stand for voice, video, data transfer and conferencing.

What is communication?

First, communication is a bridge between persons, businesses and clients. It maintains personal/official relations balanced, and they are fruitful only through communication. Indeed, it is not possible today to maintain business communications without technology. 

To elaborate, analog phone systems have brought a revolution in firms with increasing global productivity. And the next advancement that brought modernization is mobile communications.

Why are cloud phone systems crucial?

Yes! Cloud telephony is crucial because technology has the chance to fundamentally alter how people communicate for the first time in more than a century. Using the Internet, we can employ desktop and wireless pure IP-based phones. Also, one can converse in real-time with current telephones.

One of the more intriguing features of cloud technology is the ability to link a standalone or mobile phone with a personal computer. For voice and video communications, one can use a computer alone or any mobile device like a laptop, smartphone or tablet with the help of softphones. Cloud technology has changed everything to such an extent that you can use a phone for voice and a computer for video or just a separate voice/video phone. Also, it enables data conferencing features like application sharing, electronic whiteboarding, and text chat.

What do you need to use cloud phone systems?

Using a single high-speed Internet connection for all phone, video, and data conversations is another advantage of VoIP. One of the main reasons why businesses are interested in technology is the concept of convergence. All the devices can be brought to one platform, a unified communications service.

It can save total maintenance and deployment costs by employing a single data network for all communications. Customers at home and in businesses can now choose from a far wider range of service providers that offer phone and video communication services which is a great advantage of cloud technology. 

So, a person with Internet access is no longer limited by geography in their choice of service providers. And they are not tied to their Internet access provider because cloud service providers may be found almost anywhere in the world.

How does cloud telephony operate?

Cloud telephony at the basic level is used to make calls using the Internet rather than a traditional copper wire connection. Digital technologies are frequently referred to as IP telephony or cloud telephony.

It functions by changing analog voice communications into digital data transmitted via a private IP network or the public Internet. The Internet enables you to place phone calls anywhere in the globe with an Internet connection using mobile phones and even computer-to-computer. IP telephony is used for services like video calls, instant messaging, file sharing, and voice conversations.

Below are some important points that must be learnt before choosing the service provider.

Hosted PBX: It must provide great on-site functionality. The server and SecuritySecurity must be trustworthy. Using cloud-based technologies must allow organizations to use cloud calling with mobile devices. Check whether the chosen Unified Communications (UC) systems give business communication tools, Call forwarding, instant messaging, screen sharing, video conferencing, etc., that work great for distant teams.

  • Determine your needs:

Today’s cloud phone services offer several features. So, know your requirements before you begin your search. Any organization can decide if it needs a virtual assistant. Start researching business phone services for small businesses by glancing at this.

  • Count the needed lines:

Business phone providers base their pricing and plan on the number of phone lines an organization needs. They will then determine how many phone lines you need before choosing the service provider. Some staff, like customer support or sales agents, may not use phone systems as often. Keeping track of users makes your budget affordable.

  • Budget:

What’s the monthly VoIP budget? Its pricing is more flexible than landline as most businesses can find a personalized plan within their budget. The more you invest in each user, the better the communication tools, whether you buy a hosted system or employ a cloud-based solution and read about Forbes. 

  • Consider client-service demands:

While customer service may not seem a top priority, it will matter when the system is installed and in operation. You may need to contact someone quickly if you have an issue with your phone system. 

  • VoIP businesses’ customer service varies:

Other customer service departments are only open during business hours. But some provide SMS or live chat support, and others may make clients wait while you’re in the call queue to read Komo news.

  • Consider SecuritySecurity and latency:

The service providers aren’t created equal. So choose a decent provider to avoid latency and security issues. Some business phone providers claim less latency than others. So, make a thorough enquiry about a company’s uptime guarantee. Choose a VOIP supplier with reliable security standards. 

  • Online reviews:

Online reviews help you choose the best provider for your business. So, read consumer reviews to learn the pros and cons of a cloud phone provider’s service. Reading reviews on multiple websites will help you understand what each one offers.

What does Vitel Global offer?

We’ve given start-ups and small enterprises helpful advice on choosing reliable and successful business phone providers. VITEL GLOBAL INDIA is one of the market’s best and most affordable business phone service providers.

  • Savings: When using these services, pay only for your internet connection. Even international calls are free.
  •  Advanced features: Vitel provides a wide range of features, including interactive voice recognition, automatic call distribution, caller ID blocking, voicemail, call forwarding and caller ID.
  •  Collaboration: Connect easily with other systems and communicate with one another via audio, video, web conferencing, or instant messaging, typically from a single user interface.
  •  Enhanced productivity
  •  Remote and flexible usage of your communication system
  •  Secured communications
  •  Affordable plans
  •  Easy to install
  •  No maintenance issues
  •  Can be handled by non-technical experts
  •  Inexpensive hardware and software
  •  It allows for the simultaneous use of many calls.
  •  One person can typically talk on a conventional phone line at a time, but cloud phones support many calls. They include group and conference conversations for many enterprises. It simplifies staff members, managers, and business partners working together and communicating with customers.
  •  Compared to conventional systems, cloud phones have greater functionalities.
  •  Round-the-clock support


Although cloud telephony is frequently more affordable and adaptable than conventional phone systems, there are some issues. 

Audio quality – 

Cloud phone call quality and dependability may not be as good as regular phone calls. However, it depends on your broadband, gear, and services. Delays, noise, and echo are typical call-related problems here. 

Security – 

Next, SecuritySecurity is a big concern with cloud technology as it is with other internet technologies. Therefore, threats could include call tampering, phishing, viruses, malware, and theft of company information.


In general, many business phone providers enable you to use your current Internet-connected phones to make limitless calls. And the service is affordable compared to traditional phone companies. And these service providers offer a variety of packages, many of which can fit the needs of your business, its size, and your budget.

But Vitel Global India is a pioneer among business phone service providers with 24/7 customer support rendering strong assurance and 100% reliability.

Vitel Global India promises the highest uptime, simple system administration, and quick addition of new members worldwide. Additionally, all of your staff can connect easily regardless of the devices they each use. Why not request a demo today? Download apps from tweakvip and tweakvip

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