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Charter Communications, which is a Connecticut company that obtained Bright House Networks and Time Warner Cable in 2016, is the owner of Spectrum as well. After this acquisition, Spectrum became one of the largest internet service providers in the US after this acquisition due to its wide availability. Currently, it is available in 40+ states with various plans and packages.

The plans offered by Spectrum are affordable and come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. So if you are not happy with its services, rescind your subscription and get a reimbursement with no questions asked. Moreover, Spectrum’s lowest internet speed starts at 300 Mbps; however, it can deviate from wireless vary location-wise, but it’s still more than what most ISPs offer. Lastly, there are no data caps on any of its plans and no contracts that bind you in any way.

You need to subscribe to the plan or a package of your choice and start surfing the internet at maximum speed. Spectrum offers internet, TV, mobile, and home phone packages. We will walk you through its internet packages to help you explore your options. If you are an online streaming enthusiast or love to watch the news on local TV or even play online games, Spectrum’s got you covered.

Multiple services, such as internet, cable, home phone, voice, etc., may captivate your attention, but if you only need an internet connection, we recommend you stick to that only. Paying extra for the services you don’t need doesn’t sound smart. If you are looking for internet-only plans by Spectrum, below are their complete details. 

The Spectrum’s Internet-Only Plans Spectrum

High-speed internet has become a norm in every American household since it enables people to do almost anything. Many people love bundled services that include offers like cable TV or mobile plans, but going only with an internet plan has its advantages.

However, there are various factors to consider even if you only want to get the internet plan. Some significant factors are price, availability, and speed. On top of that, your area and desired upload/download speed play a crucial role in selecting the internet plan you need.

With that said, let us explore Spectrum’s internet plans starting from $49.99/mo. (12-mos.) with speeds up to 300 Mbps. Unlike many other internet service providers, Spectrum offers fast speeds. Were you looking for even faster speeds? Consider going for Spectrum Internet Ultra, which offers 500 Mbps speed, or Spectrum Internet Gig, which offers ultra-fast speeds up to 1 Gbps. However, you should note that wireless speeds can vary. 

Here’s a tip, you should get an internet package that is enough to fulfil your online needs. You are subscribing to an internet plan offering more speeds that won’t do you any good. All you will get out of it will be extra internet speeds, that’s all. 

Why Choose Spectrum’s Internet-Only Plans?

Going for internet-only plans by Spectrum can benefit you in many ways. Below we have rounded up the common reasons one must consider getting internet-only services from Spectrum.

Value for Your Money

Bundling cable TV services with your internet package may take less money out of your pockets than paying for them separately. However, if you don’t need cable TV services and rely on online streaming only for entertainment and news, then going for dedicated internet plans will be a wise option. This way, you can prevent yourself from spending on services you don’t need.

Peace of Mind

If you temporarily rent a house, you should pick an affordable internet plan. However, you won’t need to worry about long-term contracts, as Spectrum never deceives its users like this.


The fast internet is a necessity for everyone today, whether it’s an online gamer, streamer, YouTuber, etc. Internet-only plans dedicatedly focus on providing top-notch services instead of focusing on any other things. It makes sense to get your internet plan and experience smooth web surfing.

How to Choose the Right Internet-Only Plan?

One must evaluate the factors such as cost, speed, contract, and more while looking for the right internet plan. Doing your homework before using any internet plan to fulfil your online requirements is recommended. 

Let us help you choose the right plan.


You must always assess what internet speeds will be enough to provide you with a seamless web browsing venture. It depends on how many devices you have in your house and how many people live with you. Moreover, what are the common activities that you require the internet for? You can test your internet speed by using websites like speedtest.net to determine if you need much faster internet speeds. Some people may not need a high-speed connection to save even more with a lower-speed plan. 


The internet today is more important than ever. It would help if you had a reliable internet connection, whether online learning, remote working, streaming, shopping, or any other online activity you indulge in daily. However, Spectrum Internet offers reliable internet, allowing you to carry out your online tasks easily.


The expense of the internet plan you want to subscribe to matters a lot. Moreover, other than the price you see written in bold on the internet plan, the aspects, such as data cap and cancellation fees, also matter. Thanks to Spectrum Internet, there are no cancellation fees and no data, so you don’t have to worry about that. 

Many internet service providers trick you into buying internet plans that include contracts. This way, getting out of such plans is difficult as they may contain heavy cancellation fees.

Customer Support

It helps if you do some research on the internet service provider beforehand. One of the primary aspects to look for in an ISP is how well its customer support is. You may contact your ISP to get your plan modified or upgraded or want an answer to a query. Spectrum customer service has proven to offer top-notch facilities to all its users.

Spectrum Internet Plans

Spectrum offers three home internet plans at reasonable prices that you can choose from their official website. Note that each spectrum internet plan has a free modem, antivirus software, and unlimited data. We have discussed each Spectrum internet plan below to help you understand them.

Plan#1 – Spectrum Internet Standard

Speed: 300 Mbps (wireless speeds may vary)

Price: $49.99/mo. (for 12mos. )

It is the most basic plan that Spectrum offers, but still, its delivery speed is fast. This package is best suited for a household with a couple and children. You can simultaneously use the internet on up to 5 devices for various purposes without interruptions. Activities like online gaming and working from home will be carried out without issues.

Plan#2 – Spectrum Internet Ultra

Speed: 500 Mbps (wireless speeds may vary)

Price: $69.99/mo. (for 12mos.)

This plan offers a strong speed boost that enables you to carry out many intense online activities easily. Only for $20 extra per month, you can increase the internet speed from 300 Mbps to 500 Mbps, which is not a bad deal. However, you should only get this deal if you have at least five household members, in which case the previous plan will cater to you just fine. 

With this Uultra-internet plan, you can download heavy files online, attend video conferences, play online video games, and stream movies in HD picture quality. Get this plan now and perform all the said activities simultaneously.

Plan#3 – Spectrum Internet Gig

Speed: 1 Gbps (wireless speeds may vary) 

Price: $89.99/mo. (for 12mos..)

With Spectrum Internet Gig plan, you can take things to the next level. The fibre-rich speeds will enable you to use more than ten devices simultaneously in the house with heavy online activities. 

Forget about experiencing lag or buffering again with this plan, and indulge in online activities with the best value for your money. Are you an online streaming fanatic or obsessed with online gaming? Go with this plan and surf the web to find out what flawless internet speeds actually feel like.

Spectrum One

What is meant by Spectrum One? Spectrum Internet offers a deal where you get free advanced WiFi for (12 months,s.) and one free unlimited mobile line. e (12mos.). However, to get this deal, you must have already signed up with any of the residential Spectrum internet packages offering speeds from 300 Mbps.

Spectrum Advanced WiFi with Spectrum One

Get yourself an Advanced WiFi router and protect your home network. However, note that after 12 months, Advanced WiFi will not be available for free.

  • Decide what devices can access your WiFi network
  •  Keep your devices protected with a security shield
  •  Manage and set up the parental controls
  •  Use the ‘My Spectrum app’ to manage it all

Top Spectrum Bundles

Here are the best Spectrum bundle offers that we recommend to our readers. Thanks to such bundle offers, you can choose the best in-home entertainment with fast internet, phone, and voice connectivity. 

Spectrum Internet + TV Select

Price: $109.98/mo. (for 12mos.)

It’s an ideal bundle package for an average US household. For instance, this bundle can benefit you greatly if you have a small to mid-sized family. A free modem comes with 300 Mpbs internet with no data caps. This way, you will never have to worry about running out of data. Surf the internet simultaneously on multiple devices, such as laptops, computers, smartphones, tablets, etc.

MoreoverPlus, get access to 125+ channels such as MTV, Lifetime, ESPN, HGTV, Discovery, and so on. Enjoy Pay-per-view by tuning into free on-demand content at your leisure. Also, by picking up more Spectrum TV add-ons, you can spice up the TV Select with more sports and entertainment channels. Such TV and internet packages can save you the trouble of dealing with multiple vendors monthly.

Spectrum Internet + TV Select + Voice

Price: $129.97/mo. (for 12mos. )

This bundle offers the best 3 in 1 deal. You get access to Spectrum Internet, TV, and voice services. All those who work from home understand the importance of a phone line. Moreover, staying connected with your family in friends in Canada, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Guam, and many other locations with unlimited talk time is also a treat.

Lastly, international calling anywhere in 70 other countries can be added only for only $5/mo., which sounds amazing. Furthermore, remember all the TV services mentioned in the previous package? You will be getting all of them as well with this bundle package.

Wrapping Up!

And that’s a wrap. This article helped you decide which Spectrum Internet package you should use. The internet speeds by Spectrum are some of the fastest you will ever see, and thanks to its easy access in most of the US, you can get it today only. Lastly, Spectrum offers more bundle offers; the ones we mentioned above are what we suggest. 

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